Saturday, 18 December 2010

A bright idea?

Devon County Council, in a bid to reduce carbon emissions [and I guess, money] have formulated a plan that would turn off all street lights in Exeter, apart from those on major arterial routes into the city, between the hours of midnight 30 to 5.30am.

For the Cowick ward this will probably mean that all areas other than Cowick Lane, and probably Dunford Road, will be plunged into darkness throughout the night.

Initially Devon Country Council were to impose this policy, but pressure from local City Councillors has caused the County to have a rethink, and there will now be some local consultation.

Whilst I appreciate that there are strong environmental reasons for this policy [including a chance to see stars], it must not be implemented where there are public safety concerns.

The County Council would do well to investigate other alternatives such dimming of these lights, environmental friendly energy-efficient units, perhaps setting traffic lights to flashing red/amber at night etc.

What are YOUR thoughts?

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