Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Congestion still at First and Last

There's still no progress over traffic congestion at the First and last.

Tomorrow there is a meeting of a combined Devon County Council and Exeter City Council - HATOC which stands for Highways and Traffic Orders Committee.

At this meeting, both Committee members and City Councillors are able to put questions to a senior Representative from Stagecoach.

I hope to attend but various other commitments make it uncertain, so I am loathe to ask to speak under standing orders,

I am asking Cllr Rob Hannafordhope to ask the following of Stagecoach rep?

Many people are aware of the traffic congestion that can occur throughout the day at the traffic lights at the First and Last junction.

Some of this can be caused by more than one bus stopping at the in-bound bus stop.

Stagecoach tells us that this is one of the busiest in the city.

I do not dispute this - but what I do question is the fact that at least 4 regular services use this stop . A - E - F1 - F2 which equates to 18 buses an hour - one every 3 mins.

My observations reveal that although there is frequently a queue to board buses, very few alight here - and of those that do, a sizeable majority head towards St Thomas health centre which is also served by another stop equidistant along Cowick Street

Would there be any merit in reconsidering which services stop at the First & Last? A and E and not the 2 F service?

I am sure many councillors west of the Exe would welcome a site visit with stagecoach representatives. Could this be arranged?

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