Thursday, 1 December 2011

E&E reports on First and Last congestion

Express and Echo reporter Ann Byrne has been following my campaign over the junction at the First and last pub and here's her latest report in the Community News section of this week's paper.

Meeting bid to cut congestion
Cowick Councillor Paul Bull is continuing his fight to ease congestion at a busy junction.
Cllr Bull has visited the junction Cowick Street and Buddle Lane at the First ad last pub on many occasions and  with fellow Cowick Councillor Heather Morris, and is organising a site meeting with Stagecoach, Highways officers and other West Exe councillors.

Cllr Bull said: "The First and Last junction is a diamond junction which stops all traffic and allows pedestrians to cross the junction in all directions.

"To do this safely the yellow box junction must be free of all traffic, yet many motorists are not considerate and try and jump the lights.
The phasing of the traffic lights remains constant throughout the day and Cllr Bull believes that rush hours giving longer timing to traffic travelling in different directions may help alleviate the problem.

The situation is exacerbated by having one of the city's busiest bus stops at this end of Cowick Street

"I understand Stagecoach's reluctance to move this stop" says Cllr Bull, "but do all buses that currently stop here need to? Eighteen buses an hour stop here at peak times, that's one every three minutes. No wonder traffic backs back up into Dunsford Road, Buddle Lane, and Cowick Lane.

"Four services currently stop here, and perhaps Stagecoach might consider reducing the number of services that use this stop."

Cllr Bull is hoping that the meeting will take place in within the next few weeks.

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